Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lessons Learned in Unexpected Ways

I want to try to make this as brief as I can, but HAD to share something that just came to my heart.

This afternoon, Ben and I (and his dog Trigger), headed to the farm to do a little greenfield planting. As usual, Ben was walking around spreading seed, I'm on the Polaris "Dragging" behind him (in order to cover up the seed he just spread out) and of course Trigger is being his usual self, running around, playing in what little water we have in the pond and getting in our way (like he typically likes to do). At one point, Ben was picking up these large rocks and throwing them in the woods to get them off the greenfield. He said, "Can you believe Trigger is actually fetching these huge rocks I'm throwing??". So Ben throws one big rock into woods and yells at Trigger "NO!", yet Trigger proceeds to run in after to "fetch" the rock, but what Trigger didn't realize is that Ben was just about to throw another BIG rock. Right when Ben let the big rock leave his hands, he KNEW what was about to happen. I screeched as I watched it unfold in slow motion. I knew he had hit Trigger, but just wasn't sure where (on complete accident of course). So Trigger kinda limps/walks weird out of the woods and Ben is looking at him, checking him out to see for any broken bones or lacerations from the rock. He doesn't notice anything right away, but notices that Trigger is just not acting right. Almost as if he was having a mini-seizure (which he's had before). After a little time of slowly allowing Trigger to try and walk, we finally got him on his feet (still not acting like himself though). His muscles seemed really weak and shaky. He finally started wagging his tail which is always a good sign. We are still keeping an eye on him of course, but will watch him closely. Hopefully he was just "knocked silly" and has come out of it or maybe the impact of the huge rock hitting him, threw him into somewhat of a seizure. I know I sure wouldn't have been totally "with it" if I had been hit with one either. What you don't know is that Ben's other black lab, Dixie who is 11 years old is at the vet clinic having surgery by Dr. Colley to remove what he think is skin cancer. So that's all we need is for something to be wrong with both our "babies".

I realized something through all of this and it's funny that I had this "epiphany" (if you will) while watching Trigger lay there unsteady......I realized that SO many times in life God tells us "NO" or to "WAIT" for something or someone. Lots of time we choose to be a "Trigger" and run straight toward what looks SO good (the glamorous stuff), but God quickly tells us "No, my child" and yet we go in that direction anyway. We go after that which we think will make us happy, even just for a little while, but CLEARLY what happens, is that we end up getting HURT. Just like Trigger did by that rock. Some of us make decisions or go thru things and we are never the same--whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally changed.

I learned what I believe to be a valuable lesson just from watching our dog get hurt for a stupid reason. Did he REALLY NEED that big rock? Most of us would ask, why in the WORLD would he go after something like that? But people on the outside looking in are able to do that. They can see the things that we can't because we become blinded. We become blinded to what is best for us rather than being able to SEE what is the right thing. I've been learning that I need to be "still" more before Jesus. He wants me to be STILL, then maybe I can hear his whispers and even shouts. I have no idea what my future holds, but as they say, I know who holds the future. I'm SO ready to know what God has in store for my life as a wife, in my job area, kids etc.

So maybe that's something you can pray for today. Maybe pray that when God tells you "NO" or "WAIT" (and He will, trust me)...then do just that--TRUST HIM!! I'm having to learn this the hard way just like Trigger did. Heck, maybe it does take Him knocking us upside the head in order to get our attention. Next time you feel that little nudge which may quickly become a rock knocking you upside the head, remember God is halting you for a reason---SO THAT YOU DO NOT GET HURT!!!

I'm preaching to myself when I say this, and I only say it out of love. So next time, just listen...He is always there waiting to give you an answer, just may not be exactly what we want to hear at the time. But years down the road, you'll realize WHY He gave the answer He did, and it will finally make sense, when before, it seemed so unclear....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Hobby=Obsession

I realize it's again, been a pretty good while since I have blogged. I am on call for work tonight, so naturally, I can't sleep and it's late at night. I figured I would try to catch up on what's been going on with the Adams family.

I started hunting last season and quickly discovered that I loved it. I killed a deer on my first time ever going hunting (with Ben) and I was hooked.
November 26, 2010

There is no other feeling like "buck fever". That's the rush and nervousness you get when you see a deer then make the decision to shoot it. Your adrenaline is pumping, your heart's racing and you are shaking all over. Then, after you shoot it and realize it was successful, you can still hear your heart beating in side your chest and your hands are still shaking. I remember after killing my 2nd deer (a 7 pt), I was wanting to text people cause I was so excited and could hardly do it because my hands were shaking so bad. It's such a great feeling and the closer it gets to hunting season, the more I crave it.
December 26, 2010

So, that leads me up to my newest hobby/obsession...archery. I NEVER in my wildest dreams would have ever thought I would like hunting much less, hunting with a bow. A couple of weeks ago, I told Ben that I wanted to learn to shoot a bow. It was not his idea, but mine. My friend, Andrea has bow hunted for a couple of years, so I borrowed hers just to see if I even liked it. The thing about shooting a bow that most people don't realize is that it's A LOT harder than it looks. Andrea's bow was set at 42 pounds (the weight that you pull back). So, naturally, I could NOT pull that back without Ben's help. Pulling back a bow requires muscles in your shoulders and back that you don't normally use. After a couple of days of Ben helping me pull the bow back, we finally went up to Sportsman's Outpost to get the pounds lowered. I still couldn't pull it back. After much debate and talking, I decided that instead of using some extra money I had to purchase a rifle, I bought a bow instead. I haven't regretted it since. I can always borrow a rifle, but a bow is made to fit the individual based on their draw length and such. So in order to learn the proper way, I needed a bow that fit me perfectly. Let me just go ahead and say--I'm IN LOVE with my bow.
Of course my bow wouldn't be complete without pink accessories :). I have liked it so much that I've developed tendonitis in my left shoulder from over doing it! I would either shoot or pull back my bow SEVERAL times a day for the past 2 weeks. I've increased the weight I pull back and feel at this point, it's a personal challenge. I am hoping to get up to legal weight for this season to be able to attempt to kill a deer with my bow.

I'm getting better at getting my arrows closer together :)

I'm not able to shoot for a little while until my shoulder heals a little better. But trust me, I'm itching to get back to it! I have gotten in touch with several women hunters on facebook and have become friends with Leigh Creekbaum who has a hunting show with her husband, Travis called The Chase with Leigh and Travis. They live in Birmingham, Alabama. I had the privilege of meeting Leigh in person for lunch the other day. She is SUCH a sweet, down to earth person and I wish I could see her all the time because I could've talked to her forever that day. She's been such an encourager through me learning to shoot a bow :)
This past Friday, Ben and I went to a marriage seminar at our church called "Love Worth Fighting For" by Kirk Cameron. It was such a great conference and was so neat to hear someone famous in Hollywood give such a testimony to God's faith in marriage. I also got a cute, but cheesy t-shirt while I was there :)

Oh, and check out this huge rattle snake that Ben killed right near our house! I can't believe I actually held the darn thing, but I told Ben I would hold it with gloves on.

I will end on this note....even the Bible tells us to hunt :)

"Now then, get your quiver and bow and go out to the open country and hunt some wild game..."
--Genesis 27:3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Fairytale

I finally got the pictures of the wedding back from Marie and I must say that I was blown away! She captured the day PERFECTLY! She provided me with so many images that I will cherish for the rest of my life! There is no way I can post them all, but wanted to share some of the pictures from the day to highlight a few things. Bear with me, this will be quite a lengthy post. Our wedding day was SO much fun (understatement) and it was literally a dream come true. Not only did I get to marry the man of my dreams and the one that God had for me, but I also got a perfect wedding. I have to admit, that along with all the fun of planning the wedding, came the stress as well. EXTREME STRESS!! I agonized for months over money, budget for the wedding, details, etc and I can truly say that it was all worth it that day. I have a dear friend who is planning her wedding as we speak and she asked me one day, "Amy, was it really all worth it?" and I said without a doubt "YES".

After the rehearsal dinner, I came home (to my parents house) and immediately got ready for the next day and then jumped into bed. Of course I had trouble sleeping, so then I got on the ever faithful Facebook and posted pictures from the rehearsal dinner. I finally got sleepy and went to sleep. Then, woke up at 3:30 am and COULD NOT for the life of me go back to sleep! Wedding day butterflies! So I went ahead and got up early and got all my stuff together for the day. I ended up being able to head out to Oakbowery Plantation early. Courtney (owner & Coordinator) thought I was crazy, but I actually enjoyed going out there so early. It was the perfect morning--sunny, cool and calm. I unloaded some props/decorations that I had prepared for the reception ahead of time. I took all of my stuff upstairs and got settled. I realized by that time, it was only 9:30 am. So I took off to town and got some breakfast. I came back, plopped on the bed, ate and listened to music. It was SO relaxing and peaceful. Kristen came a little early, she read me a devotion & prayed over me. It was exactly what I needed to start the day. Then it started--Nicki came to start doing my hair, all the other girls arrived and it quickly went from quiet to lots of chatter. But I LOVED it! We all spread out through the bedrooms upstairs and just had great girl time.

Having girl talk and munching on chicken salad
ALL Laughs while getting ready
Mimosas for everyone!

Then the girls helped me get into my dress....seriously, how many bridesmaids does it take to put on a dress? Definitely had lots of laughs!

My special day hoodie :)
Getting my boots on

Natalie helping me get my garters on. Notice one is camo :)

Marie snapped a few pictures of me then I got to go and see my groom for the first time that day. This was such a fun moment. I absolutely loved seeing him so excited. Definitely a big highlight for the day

On the balcony (Ben was right below me!)

On the way down the stairs to see him!

There he is!

Showing him my dress

Then Marie took us around and got different pictures of just us. Then of course, we did bridesmaids/groomsmen pictures, family pictures....the whole 9 yds...

This is the only remotely smile picture we got of Bennett that day :)

The ceremony: After spending the morning getting ready and taking pictures at the plantation, we rode over to the church to get some pictures before the ceremony.

The group
Taylor McCall provided all the music before the ceremony and during the ceremony. He is the worship leader at Clearwater Community Church. He is simply amazing! The music was the perfect style for our ceremony.
My girls are so awesome. They prayed over me right before the ceremony...
Making the famous walk down the "tunnel" :)

Ok..I lied...THIS is the best picture we got of the kiddos that day :) While we were back in the "bride's room" at the church waiting, they had the BEST time playing with each other and laughing.
Watching my ceremony and getting teary eyed!
Getting REALLY nervous!
Here Comes the Bride!
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cofield Adams!

Married and HAPPY!!

Marie, Ben and I rushed out of the ceremony to head over to the plantation to get a few pictures before guests started arriving. After the guests served their food and were seated, Route 66 announced the entire bridal party, then Ben and I had our first dance..

The plantation was the most absolute, PERFECT place for our reception. LOVED every little detail!
The food was provided by Judy Sellers with A Little Taste of Home and it was DELISH!
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Ben Adams!

My brother and I surprised everyone with a "fun" dance
Cotton-eyed Joe

The surprise dance with my brother was so much fun and everyone loved it. Everyone kept asking "how much did you have to pay your brother to do that dance with you?" But I think he had just as much fun as I did. Of course, we had to do the usual cake cutting and then was able to enjoy the band a little before heading off..

Cuttin' a rug on the dance floor
Group picture!
SO beautiful!

We had corn thrown on us, very fitting for Ben and I. We had little corn cones that said "As Ben and Amy come your way, toss this corn and shout hooray!" I thought it was cute and different.

Me with some of the "hens" :)
Love these ladies!!

We left on the Polaris...again, so fitting for us :)

Off we go!

"...and the two will become one." --Ephesians 5:31